Skin care fridge: Do you need?

Do we need a refrigerator for our skincare products? the short answer is no but there are some situations, situations where you know having one, I guess you could make the argument warm all right, so when is it helpful to put skincare products in the refrigerator? Skin care fridge

Itchy Skin

Skin care fridge

Skin care fridge

I’ll tell you this if you have any kind of itchy skin condition, whether it is eczema or you just have a bug bite. I mean summers coming up that is miserable and all you can think about is scratching it to bits. I talked about how important using a moisturizer is for any kind of dry itchy skin condition.

if you put your moisturizer in the refrigerator, get it chilled and then apply it, it’s even more effective in terms of its anti-itch effect. cold sensation actually can distract some of those nerves in the skin that produce these itching. So, I will frequently recommend patients who have eczema to put some of their creams in the refrigerator and apply them to the skin while they’re cold. You don’t need to store your moisturizer in refrigerator for days and months, you can put them in there for a few hours and get them chill.

What are you trying to achieve Skin care fridge

Skin care fridge

Skin care fridge

You know in theory that refrigerator can extend the longevity of products but they have a short shelf life because they don’t have a lot of preservatives in them and without preservatives, the risk of bacterial contamination or fungal contamination, and the product’s ingredients are more susceptible to degradation. And when ingredients degrade, they’re useless and they can be irritating and problematic.

So, skincare products, they have a little label on them that you should always look for and be mindful of. It’s like a little jar with a number in the letter M. The number is the number of months after opening the product for which it is good for. Always pay attention to that. I mean, so if you open something, I like the idea of keeping a little calendar actually to keep track of these things if you are a skincare product junkie with it, which is an issue in and of itself.

Skincare Hoarding

Skin care fridge

Skin care fridge

Don’t even get me started on hoarding skincare like skincare hoarding. Stop doing that; just keep it simple. if you do have a lot of skincare products or stuff that you’re trying out, then keep a little calendar of when you open stuff so you know when to get rid of it. So then like, what’s the point? You know, I don’t see how the refrigerator is useful (Skin care fridge).

Yes, in theory, it can extend the shelf life, but like, you don’t know by how much, so you know it’s not as though, ‘Oh, I’ve got this in the fridge so I can keep using this for another week, another two weeks, and if they’re three weeks,’ I mean it’s still a black box of unknown. So, you know, to me that argument is like, okay, but it doesn’t really help you in any way to be storing it in the fridge (Skin care fridge).

So, you know unless you only plan to use it as directed and get rid of it by the end date and you just want to keep it in the fridge for a little bit of extra reassurance. But personally I think that’s overkill, especially if the product is, you know, a good old drugstore product laden with parabens, as it should because parabens are safe by the way if you’re wondering about that (Skin care fridge).

Eye Cream

Skin care fridge

Skin care fridge

The other product that could be stored in the refrigerator and it might be beneficial is an eye cream, but again, I mean you guys know me, I’ve told you from the beginning eye creams are just another thing that people try and sell you on and you really don’t need them.

Like your moisturizer is enough but you know you can make the argument for if you use eye creams to keep them in the refrigerator because if you apply them to the eyes while they’re chilled they have a better evasion of constrictive ability so they can actually clamp down the little blood vessels around your eyes and help shift fluid out of that area and reduce puffiness plus it feels nice (Skin care fridge).


I don’t use eye creams; I think they’re a waste of time. What I instead like to waste my time is with using hydrogel eyepatches. This is just like a little relaxing thing I like to do. so keeping these in the refrigerator you know can achieve a similar thing and so I’ve been doing that and I definitely find that it just feels really nice to put them on under the eyes but yeah, I mean so you can make an argument for your eye.

I knew dad’s to do that. Then the other vitamin C, the other product that you certainly could consider and as often advise is to store in the refrigerator are vitamin C serum click here (Skin care fridge).


But when it comes to your cleanser moisturizer your sunscreen you don’t need to keep the stuff in the fridge like I mean it’s not a potato salad it’s not like it’s gonna spoil you know it’s not laden with mayonnaise you don’t need to keep this stuff in the refrigerator it’s fine you know there there are extremes with everything.

Expiration Date

its expiration date another point that I’ll make though is don’t confuse expiration date with manufacturer date they’re not the same thing like a lot of times you will see a date on the top of a cream like um this looks like a barcode that’s not the same as the expiration date that’s usually eerily very close to when you purchase it and I know it freaks a lot of people out.

it’s the label that you’re looking for is that image of the jar with the number around it that most products have on them so yeah I mean I wouldn’t worry about the fridge but if you want one for the novelty hey I get it (Skin care fridge).

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