Top 5 Toy Theater That Bring Miniature Magic to Life

Toy theaters are favourite to people of all ages, It have a unique charm. It can impress you whether you are old collector of it or new, you can’t ignore the magic of these playset. In this blog we will discuss 5 toy theaters.

Toy theater: Clymer

Clymer is made specially for third grade, but it also used by different age groups, and they liked it. It is also used by teacher to teach social statistic students probability at the university level, students can easily pick the topic which can teach to them as a game. In this game you will spin the spinner and then guess the color that which color will land on. In this game the goal is, who will reach the mountain first. It is one of the popular game.

toy theatertoy theater

Toy Theater: Basketball

Joel who design this basketball theme game, It can help children in study. Joel like this game because child can learn, how to move from addition to multiplication through this game. He design it for child learning purpose and he got success in it because child can learn lot of things from this game.

In this game, your aim is on basket in which you need to put ball in it and defend the other players who play against you, when I started basketball I didn’t good in it but now I am getting better. So back to the topic, How basketball can help child in learning addition and multiplication? The answer is, when player put the ball in basket so they worth one point, when put ball another time, they worth 2 points, and then 3, 4, that how child learn counts and addition and then multiplication.

Toy theater: Feed Freddy

Feed Freddy is an earlier and most popular game, It is created by Joel, It is an inspiration for toy theater. It is an cutest game and created for kids to learn. It can help children in matching, like matching numbers, matching attributes, matching alphabets, etc.

In this game there are little squared dices, which is used to matching. I was playing this game with my little brother he is 2.5 years old, he couldn’t match any dice of them because he is toddler but he really enjoy it. So in short, the game have a lot of fun and child can learn lesson about matching from it. click to play the game.

toy theater

                                               toy theater

Toy theater: Counting crops

This game is created specially with 2 points, firstly, it is very helpful in teaching and secondly, it look very good. You can guess the game by its name that for which purpose its gonna use, It is used to tech counting to child and make counting exercises, also with counting it have capability to give joy to child.

It is not good only for learning but also it look perfect and good. Due to which also those child who don’t want learn can attracted to it due to its look. How this game works? In this game they’re given some objects or heads, and you need to count that objects and write the answer, like if the objects are 5, 6, 7. This game is designed for children therefore it is to easy. Also this game have funny sound effect due to which child would love it.

toy theater
toy theater

Art activities

There are some activities that are used by teacher to teach math, like mirror which can teach kids about symmetry. Also children can draw different pictures and fill them with different colors, and playing with colors, due which they can learn a lot things in math, etc. Child can learn another useful math concepts from it like perimeter, area, diameter and counting, child take joy from it also.

Child can also know about other things by drawing it, suppose in farm activities, they can make horse, like draw a half of horse from different color and in different design and draw the other half from different color. Which can help to improve there creativity.

toy theater

These games are compatible with all mobile devices, so lets install it, and give your children a perfect way of learning.

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